Covid 19

Greetings, we hope you, your family and friends are doing well with this COVID crisis. Our office remains committed to the safety and health of our staff and patients by following the recommendations of various agencies like the ADA, IDA, CDC, OSHA, and the Iowa Dental Board with regards to infection control procedures in our practice, which are ever evolving.

Some new protocols are in place at our office you should be aware of. A few days before your scheduled appointment, we will try and contact you to confirm your visit and to answer some screening questions about your health, age, medical issues, travel outside our region, etc. If all that info is fine, on the day of your appointment, we will have you arrive at our office and stay in your car, unless you have arranged to be dropped off. Call into our office from your car, and we will go over the screening questions once again, and if those are still OK, we will have you wait in your care till we call you that your dental provider's operatory is open and you can come in. We ask that you wear a mask when coming into the clinic, but if you do not have one, we will provide you one to use while you are here. We will ask you to use our hand sanitizer and your temperature will be taken, and if that checks out fine, will escort you to the Dr. Ronconi or one of our hygienists, Brandy or Rachel.

We are managing our appointment schedule to allow more time for procedures and environmental hygiene, and also more physical distancing between patients and visitors while they are here, and this might decrease options in scheduling visits. We will do our best to decrease wait times for our patients, while keeping contact with others to a minimum.

We look forward to seeing you, wishing you good health, and if you have any questions or concerns, please call our office and we will help answer them for you. Thank you for your trust, and we are happy to be available for all your dental needs once again, Dr. Ronconi and staff.

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